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Witness Jewelry

  1. Dark Crystal - Sin. "All have sinned... The penalty of sin is death" Romans 3:23, 6:23
  2. Red Crystal - The Blood of Jesus. "Jesus paid that debt with his own blood." Romans 5:8
  3. Clear Crystal - Forgiveness/Purity. "Oh! The blood of Jesus cleanses completely through." John 2:12
  4. Blue Crystal - Waters of Baptism. "picture of your salvation & obedience." Matthew 28:19
  5. Green Crystal - Growing in Christ. "Study God's Word and pray." II Peter 3:18
  6. Gold Crystal - Streets of Gold. "One day by death or rapture we will go to heaven, where the streets are made of gold." Revelation 21:21
  7. Purple Crystal - King of Kings. "We will bow at the royal feet of the Lord Jesus!"
Do to technical difficulty our website says we cannot deliver outside of Texas this is not true if you wish to order anything please call 903-469-3152 if we do not answer please leave your name number and we will get back to you as soon as we can sorry for the inconvenience
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